We Need More Heroes

"What we do IN the ocean makes us athletes.  What we do FOR our oceans and FOR our communities can make us heroes."  Bruckner Chase
I want to thank you for taking another step towards joining our mission as a member of our Legion of Ocean Heroes.

The mission of Ocean Positive, Inc. is to positively impact how we feel think and act towards our oceans.  Our method for doing that is to create personal connections to our oceans that also connect people to actions that can become that personal, sustainable impact.  Through social and traditional media, films, expeditions, athletic events and speaking engagements around the country and the world we have been able to build a global community capable of expanding our mission and creating connections to ocean positive actions in their own communities.  You play a role in our current and future success.

You don’t have to be an athlete to be part of this Legion, and you don’t even have to live at the ocean.  Anyone and everyone can discover and embrace in themselves the critical three traits for creating positive change in our oceans, our communities and our selves:  Passion to Care, Strength to Act, Vision to Inspire.

What does being a hero look like?  Something different to everyone, but show us your Hero side so we can share it here.  Using social media? Hashtag "legionofoceanheroes

  • Pick up a sticker HERE - Put the sticker where others can see it, and share the mission:  To positively impact how we feel, think and act towards our oceans.

  • Make an Ocean Positive step part of your daily life:  Carry bamboo re-useable utensils, Always have a re-useable shopping bag, Buy sustainable seafood following Seafood Watch guidelines, Pack your trash home from the beach….or any other small or BIG step.

  • Make a one time or ongoing, monthly donation of as little as $5 to Bruckner Chase Oceean Positive, Inc. {501c3}.  Yep, consider it a Venti Mocha once a month to share ocean stories.  You can donate HERE.


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