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Open Water Swimming and Prone Paddleboarding for Athletes with Spinal Cord Injuries

Creating transformative ocean experiences to positively impact the quality of life for those unwilling to accept merely being an observer on the shore.  

With the mission to allow every member of the community to discover a personal connection to the natural waters around them the Ocean City Swim Club under the direction of Bruckner and Michelle Chase have partnered with the Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital and the City of Upper Township to create a passionate new group of seemingly unlikely ocean athletes.  By helping those with spinal cord injuries learn how to move through the water and by teaching and guiding weekly open water prone paddleboarding and swimming sessions the group is leaving the wheelchairs and physical limitations on the beach to explore the limitless opportunities on and in the water with fellow athletes.  With their vision to bring the open water to this seemingly land locked group, with their innovation to make paddling safe for those with severe physical challenges, with the transformative and empowering feelings that they generate in others, the Ocean City Swim Club / Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital Swimming and Paddling Unified Team Program has something for everyone in the community who wants an Ocean Positive connection to the water.